New This Year- Water Activites! 

Ready to beat the heat this summer? Check out our new water activites that we are offering this summer. You can chose between guided rafting trips, self-guided floats, and rentals. See below for more details. 

Guided Rafting Trips 

New to the area, or haven't been down a river before? Don't worry! Our guides will take you down the river and show you the way! You can chose between sitting in a 6 person raft or, for the more adventurous folk, a 2 person infaltable kayak. Click below to see our available trips. 

-Minimum Weight 30lbs

-Price: $49 per person


Self- Guided Float Trips 

Want to be your own guide? Come by our Yurt and rent one of our infaltable kayaks or standup paddlesboards. We'll drive you to the top of the river and let you make your way down at your own pace. For a longer trip, we'll help you shuttle your car to a further point down the river so you can spend more time in the water and less time in the heat! See below for pricing.

Regular Trips (~50min):


Inflatable Kayaks....$20

Extended Trips (~1.5 hours):


Inflatable Kayaks....$30

Boat Rentals

Not sure where you want to float? Feel free to rent one of our boats and take them to anther resivoir of your choice. Deer Creek Resivoir is a great place to paddle with plenty of side coves to explore! Rentals are 4 hours long. See below for pricing. 

Inflatable Kayaks......$55

Paddle Boards...........$70