Utah Snowmobile Tours

Enjoy the best in Utah's Winter Playground!

WARNING: Not responsible for sudden urges to sell homes, move out west, and buy snowmobiles.

Come experience Utah Snowmobiling at Heber Valley and get away from the crowds.  If its snowmobiling you want then you have come to the right place. If you want to go down a trail following the exhaust of a huge group at slow speeds trying to make up time for lack of trail then don't call. You need to get away from Park City to truly get all the ingredients for what snowmobiling is supposed to be.  We have all the ingredients to put together the best snowmobile experience possible for your group.

Customized Trips-  All of our trips are private.  This is probably the most important ingredient to having the best experience possible.  We don't charge extra, we just want you to experience what you expect in a trip.  You tell us what type of riding you want to do and we will provide a safe fun trip for you. Whether its cruising down groomed trails, site seeing, or if its "Boon Docking" a snowmobile term that means off trail riding.  Its impossible to explain how much terrain and riding is at your disposal if you are willing to travel a little to get away from the city.  Don't settle for average come on out and see what Utah really has to offer.

Things to remember when making a snowmobile tour reservation:

•    All of our snowmobiles are new and the latest models

     Power Sleds available for those that want a little more get up and go.  

•    Bring your camera and smile.

•    Restaurant and Store available at Lodge.

•    All of our tours are private unless otherwise indicated.

•    KLIM gear available to rent if clothing is needed. Helmets are free to use for each rider.

      KLIM gear is the leading and best snowmobiling equipment in the industry.   

•    Insurance is available for purchase for an additional charge.

•    Free Shuttle Service from Park City and Heber City with 4 or more snowmobile rentals.