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We welcome you to RMO Horses.  Please browse the horses we have for sale.  If there is one you like please don't hesitate to call.  Our goal is to help people find the right horse for them.  There are many variables and we know the challenge in trying to find the right horse for the right person.  We know how it is as a buyer trying to find what horse will fit our operation.  We have years of experience with horses and do our best to represent each horse  the best we can.  Every person, every situation is different.  You can have our word that we will represent our horses the best we can.  We want you to be confident in your purchase and want you to enjoy the horse you buy.  We know for many of you that this new horse is going to become a friend, family member, or working partner for a long time to come.  You can be assured we stand behind the horses we sale and will tell you "straight up" what each horse is, what they can do, and whether it would fit you and your needs.

SOLD Speedy War Bucks 04 AQHA Brown Gelding

Best All Around Horse with no holes.  Heffe, is a horse that is everything we all want in one.  He's gentle, he's got a great handle, he is quiet, and he's dang sure pretty, he has speed to make a top notch rope horse or a sweet barrel horse.  He's the kind if you want to run him or rope and push him you can and then he'll come right back to you and lope a quiet easy circle or stand like a good show horse would.  There is nothing not to like about this horse.  He's been on the mountain, he's tracked steers, he has roped the heel o matic and has been patterned on the barrels.  If you want an all around gelding that can make you look good or one that can go to work, this is your guy-  he'll get you noticed.  He stands at 15 hands and weighs a solid 1200 lbs.  Big Hip, Great Shoulder, Pretty Head and Conformation.  He's sound and up to date on worming and shots.  Click on Photo to watch Video.

SOLD Red Rojo Tiger 08 AQHA Red Roan Gelding

He is Red Roan and a 15 hand nice looking gelding.  He rides good on the mountain, he's been roped on lightly, he's real cowy and an athletic gelding.  Fun horse to ride and will do great for you on the mountain, in the arena or wherever you want.  He can get out and travel if you want it, no spook, crosses water and downfall and will go where you point him.  Nice gelding that is ready for you to take him whatever direction you want.  Always honest and easy to be around.  Up to date on shots and worming.  Click on Photo to watch video.

SOLD Barstool- 02 Bay Roan Gelding

He's a big stout gentle bay roan gelding.  He's done it all-  worked on the ranch, drug calves, ridden on the mountain countless miles and is safe for anyone to ride.  If you ride once a day, once a month or once a year he will be the same horse for you.  Easy going and gentle to ride, anyone should get along with him.  He's steady and always the same.  Sound and up to date on shots and worming.  He will come in shape and ready for fall work or for the hunts.  He's good looking and GENTLE.  Click Photo to watch video.

SOLD RIngo 04 Gray Gelding

Date: 10/14/2013

Ringo is a 9 yr old "Been There Done It" kind of horse.  He's great on the mountain.  He will go where you ask.  Big and Stout and can pack anyone who climbs up in the saddle.  Anyone can ride him.  He will ride off on his own or ride in line.  He will stay broke. Nice honest gelding.  Watch video click on Photo.

SOLD Mister- 05 Sorrel Gelding

He is a nice handy sized gentle gelding.  Anyone can ride Mister.  He stands about 14.3 hands. Stays broke no matter how often you ride him.  He is great on the trail, easy way about him and handles good.  He's one everyone in the family can enjoy

SOLD- Chilli- 07 Bay Roan Gelding

Classy made roan gelding.  He's put together the right way just how we like them. Great mind, nice look and a good build.  He's a solid gelding, great on the mountain and around the ranch.  He has no spook, will ride around correct with a nice handle, and is Gentle for most riders.  Has many years ahead of him and will make someone happy for a long time to come.  He stands about 14.3.  He's sound and up to date on shots and worming.   Click on Photo to watch video.

SOLD-Trixies Lil Shadow 04 AQHA Black Gelding

If you want to get noticed on a horse, here is the one.  This is a big black broke gelding that will travel great on the mountain, ride nice in the arena and you will always be in style with his black color.  He is a big pretty gelding that stands 15.2 and weighs a solid 1300 lbs.  This horse has that real classy look to him.  He rides great outside and has spent most his life on the mountain.  Big Hip, Great Look, and Always willing to go for a ride.  He can really step out if you want to get somewhere or he can fall in line and stay with the group.  Honest gelding with no surprises.  Great on the mountain or on the ranch.  You won't be disappointed to bring this horse home.  He's sound and up to date on worming and shots. Click on Photo to watch video.

SOLD- Cheeto- 06 Palomino Gelding

Click Photo to watch video of Cheeto.

SOLD- Spud Light 06 AQHA Dun Gelding

Here is a nice broke gelding with a lot of color and flash to him.  He's been ridden all over the Wasatch Mountains of Utah.  He's done pack trips and logged many many miles.  He can set a good pace or ride in line.  He's been outside his whole live and hasn't done much in the arena but can lope a good circle, stop and rein around good for you.  He is gentle, has a good handle and will ride the same everyday.  He will stay broke and is easy to get along with.  Big Good looking and Gentle Gelding that has seen it and done it.  He's sound and up to date on shots and worming.  Click on Photo to watch video.

SOLD- Spud Light (Spur) Sideview

SOLD Mellow- 06 Palomino Gelding

If you want a big gentle anyone can ride kinda horse here is your guy.  He's been ridden by all level of riders.   He rides  great outside, down the trail, up the trail, once a week or once a month he will stay broke.  He's go that sweet personality that we all want in a horse.  You certainly don't need to be a cowboy to ride Mellow.  He's going to take care of whoever climbs on his back.  There is a reason we named him Mellow.  He's sound and up to date on worming and shots.  Click on Photo to watch video

SOLD- Frenchmans YoYo- 08 AQHA Gray Gelding

This horse has it all going for him.  He's bred very well.  He's a grandson of the famous Frenchmans Guy on top and has cow horse on the bottom.  He's bred to be a top notch performer but has the best personality you can find in a horse.  If you can sit on him you can ride him.  He is truly one of the kindest, gentlest, best natured horses we have ever had on our place.  Our kids have rode him, pushed cows, done some jr rodeo events on him.  He's been ranched on and will ride real quiet in the arena.  This is the perfect horse for someone who is younger wanting an honest nice horse or for someone older that wants to just get on and enjoy a nice ride.  He's just coming into the prime of his life and has his whole life ahead of him.  He's sound and up to date on worming and shots. Click on Photo to watch video.

SOLD- Russell- 08 AQHA Black Gelding

He stands about 14.3 tall, stout made little gelding.  He rides good on the mountain,  been up and down it many many times.  He's pushed cattle and has no spook in him.  Great Foundation on this nice young gelding.  He is only 5 and has his whole life in front of him to make someone happy for a long long time.  Cute to look at, will lope a pretty circle, stop and back up with out a problem.  He's one you want in your corral for sure.  Bred nice and ready for a new home.  VIDEO COMING SOON.

SOLD- Rigby- '07 Grulla Gelding

Date: 6/23/2013

Can't find prettier than this good looking bugger.  He stands 15.1 hands and weighs close to 1200.  He's a nice, honest riding horse, great on the mountain, smooth in the arena.  He has a classy way about him.  He will pick up his leads, stop, turn around and travels great on the mountain.  Alone or with others he rides the same.  He has packed elk off the mountain, has tons of potential to do what you want,  would probably make a top notch rope horse or if you just want a nice trail horse he does that too.  We really like this stand up knock out gelding.   Headed to Billings Horse Sale in July.  Click on Photo to Watch Video 

SOLD- Quest of Ambition 04 AQHA Gelding

Date: 7/7/2013

Buster is a 9 yr old Honest Broke "Been there Done that gelding".  He's on of a kind.  He's been everywhere in the worst terrain and weather and the best and will always stay broke and honest.  He's pushed cows, drug calves, been to hunting camp and will pull a sleigh or cart if you wanted.  He's a solid stand up gelding that is in the prime of his life and will be honest for you everyday.  Ride him as often or as little as you want he will be the same.  Ride him, double, pack him, use him and he will ride the same.  He's always been sound and is built like a Mack Truck, stands about 15.2 hands and weighs 1250 lbs.  Don't let this one go.  He is headed to the Billings Horse Sale in July.  CLICK ON PHOTO TO WATCH VIDEO.

SOLD- Tie Dye- 06 Red Roan Gelding

Date: 6/23/2013

Big Flashy Red Road Gelding.  He is a no non-sense kind of horse.  Ride in the bridle, rides collected, stops hard and will go where you point him no questions asked.  Great on the mountain and will handle any terrain.  He makes a great ranch horse, will cross water, no spook, travels great up the trail.  Up to Date on Shots.  Headed to the Billings Horse Sale in July.  Click on Photo to watch Video.

SOLD- Everett- '06 Buckskin Gelding

Date: 6/23/2013

Big Pretty Gentle Buckskin Gelding.  Here's the type of horse we all want.  He rides honest every day. Use him daily, once a week, or once a month and he should always be the same horse for you. He's had novice riders on his back but can ride around for a cowboy.  He's gentle and ready for most anyone. He's got a good handle, will head up the mountain without a fight and travels good.  Nice Gelding in the Prime of his life.  Smooth Lope, Nice Stop, and will rein around good for you.  Ready to make someone a Happy horse owner. He's headed to the Billings Horse Sale for July.  CLICK ON PHOTO TO WATCH VIDEO

SOLD- Cake Me Blue aka Griz- 05 AQHA Gray Gelding

Date: 6/29/2013

 Griz is Gentle, Easy to Ride and a pretty gray gelding.  Will ride great on the mountain and will not spook.  Good with his feet, crosses water, downfall and goes where you point him.  He's pushed cattle, drug some calves to the fire and will do any job needed.  Good for most any rider- you don't need to be a cowboy to ride this horse.  He will pick up his leads, stops hard and wants to please.  Don't pass this nice gelding up.  Up to date on shots and worming.  Please call Joe at 801-361-6772 for questions.  He is headed to Billings Horse Sale in July. Click Photo to watch video.

SOLD- Smart Lil Sprat (McCoy) 09' Black Gelding

McCoy is a fancy looking broke cowhorse.  He has been shown in the UTRCA.  Really watches a cow, turns around, and likes to stop.  With a pedigree loaded with talent he will help you win.  High Brow Hickory, Smart Little Lena, Chic O Lena, Three Bars all on his papers you know he has the brains and talent to excel.  Come check him out.  He is put together the right way and is black with lots of class.  He's got the talent to excel in showing, penning, rope, or for a queen that wants to look the best.  If none of that interests you he is a fine animal for the ranch or mountain.  He's young but he's seen it and done it.

SOLD- Music- 01' Dun (Grulla ) Gelding

If you are looking for COLOR, Music has it.  He's got all the looks, build, and attitude you could hope for in a horse.  He is a big solid gelding that is built to last and has plenty years under his belt with many many more to go.  He rides outside, on the mountain, around cattle, and will go where you point him.  Head up the trail and he will do what you ask.  Smooth to ride, easy to lope, stops, back and does what you ask.  He's got a real laid back attitude, you can ride him bareback if you want.  Take this horse home and he will get you noticed everywhere you go.  Good ground manners, stands tied all day with no fuss.  VIDEO COMING SOON.

Sold- Trigger- 02' Palomino Pony HIP #37

You won't find a cuter pony than Trigger anywhere.  He's as cute as they come-  better than that he is SAFE for all ages.  He's won ribbons at 4H,  been rode in numerous parades every summer,  will head up the trail and follow in line with no problems.  Perfect little guy for your kids to learn how to ride,  has a good handle, will neck rein, stop, back and won't run off with your kid.  If you are looking for a starter kid pony here he is.  Our kids have loved him and enjoyed him.  Easy to handle, clip, haul, trim and wash.  Sound and Guaranteed to Like.  CLICK ON PHOTO TO WATCH VIDEO.

Sold- Blue Chip- 04' Gelding HIP #242

This horse is big, stout, and will ride good for you.  He's got a nice handle, stop, will lope circles.  He has been rode on the Wasatch Mountains a bunch.  He's packed, been behind cattle and will ride where you want him.  He has the classy blue roan coloring we all like.  A horse in the prime of his life and has many many years left in him. Guaranteed Sound.  CLICK PHOTO TO WATCH VIDEO.

Sold- Pee Wee- 05' Qtr/Pony HIP # 108

Pee Wee is a fun honest 14 hand flashy made gelding.  He is cute, broke, and a fun little horse to ride.  He's handy to use,  been used on the trail a ton, worked cattle, and has even been started roping on.  He would be the perfect horse for a youth looking to do 4H and show.  He's been great for all ages but would fit a kid or lady perfect.  We love this little horse, extremely friendly and always willing to ride.  He stays broke, is in your pocket, and easy to handle.  Guaranteed Sound, up to date on shots and worming.  CLICK PHOTO TO WATCH VIDEO.

Sold- Cougars Zeus- 05 AQHA Gelding HIP #180

Here is a fancy bred, nice looking, stocky made gelding.  He is a grandson of High Brow Cat on top,  Smart Little Lena on his top side, and Freckles Playboy on his bottom side.  He's bred to work a cow.  He's been shown in ranch versatility,  trained to cut, and has been on the ranch.  He stands about 14.2 and built like a tank.  He's got a smooth jog, easy lope, and nice handle.  CLICK ON PHOTO TO WATCH VIDEO.

Sold- BK Blues Zimfandel- 07 AQHA Gelding

Cowboy is a big stout made gelding.  Ready to go ranch on or head up the mountain.  He's a big flashy gelding that will stand out in any crowd.  He is just 6 yrs old and is coming into the prime of his life.  Good Traveling horse, he has a great handle, and will lope off both directions,  stop, back, ride off alone with no problem.  Nice Solid using horse.  CLICK PHOTO TO WATCH VIDEO.

Sold- Badger- 08' Gelding HIP # 268

Here is a nice made red dun gelding that is real nice looking.  He has a great start in life,  he's been rode on the mountain a bunch.  He has a good handle and rides where you point him.  Crosses Water, Deadfall,  and will hold up to a good days work.  Great prospect for the ranch,  roping or just a nice using horse.  Guaranteed Sound.  Click Photo to watch Video.

SOLD- Socks- 05' AQHA Gelding

Socks is a cute and gentle gelding 14.3 hand gelding.  He rides around great in the arena and out on the trail.  No surprises,  he will take care of whomever decides to take him for a ride.  He will ride the same no matter how often you ride him.  He has doe a little bit of everything.  Honest Broke and Gentle.  He will pick up his leads, stop, back, and neck rein.  Good on the ground and real easy to get on and off with his size.  CLICK PHOTO TO WATCH VIDEO.

SOLD- Wicked- 07' AQHA Chestnut Gelding

Here is a big fancy bred gelding.  He's bred for speed but has a real honest,  sweet laid back personality.  He's got some of the best on his papers with Corona Cartel, Dash for Cash, Easy Jet. He's pushed and gathered cattle,  been to the branding pen, and will go where you ask.  He will ride around soft and collect, neck rein, stop, back.  If you want a horse with talent or one to turn into a performance type, here he is.  He's got the ability to be a barrel horse or head horse.  He's Gentle and Safe for someone who just wants to get on and ride.  Nice Gelding with lots of upside.  CLICK PHOTO TO WATCH VIDEO

SOLD- Deuce- 05' Paint Gelding

Gentle, Good riding and Using horse.  Good for most anyone. He has a great handle, stop and will ride around any where you want to go.  Rides good in the arena.  He is in the prime of his life, with plenty more great years left in him.  He will travel great down the trail and is smooth to ride. He is guaranteed sound.  CLICK PHOTO TO WATCH VIDEO

SOLD- Oakley- 03' Palomino Gelding

Oakley is a nice using horse.  He's been at home on a ranch doing ranch work.  He's gentle enough for most anyone to ride.  He's good out on the mountain and down the trail.  He will stay broke and doesn't need to be ridden every day.  Good looking Palomino Gelding.  He is going to the Billings Horse Sale in May. CLICK PHOTO TO WATCH VIDEO OF Oakley.

SOLD- Diesel- 07' Big Stand Up Buckskin Gelding

Big Broke Buckskin Gelding.  This is a big dude, he can pack any size load.  He's broke and gentle. He has been on a  ranch and will work around cattle with no problem.  He's one you can take to the mountain, hunt on, pack on, or if you just want a big horse to ride, here he is.  He moves around real good for a big horse.  He takes a size two shoe and will hold up all day for you.  Real nice gelding just coming in the prime of his life.  Cosigned to the Salmon Horse Sale in April.

SOLD- Doc' 07' AQHA Bay Gelding

Date: 2/13/2013

Here is a fancy bay gelding.  Has a great pedigree, will ride around correct and broke.  He will have a great handle, stop, and move the way a horse should.  He's great in the arena,  good out on the mountain, and been hunted on.  He is a gelding standing at 14.3 hands.  Doc will sell at the Salmon Select Gelding Sale in April.

SOLD- Kaitlins Quick Catch 03' AQHA Bay Gelding

Sparky is a cool horse.  He's built like a brick house.  He's been trail rode a bunch.  He stands about 14.3 but could pack anyone.  He rides off great alone or together.  He's a grandson of Shinning Spark and has a real classy cowboy look to him.  You won't be disappointed with a gelding like this.  He's got some years under his belt and plenty more to go. Anyone can get along with Sparky. Consigned to the Billings Horse Sale. 

SOLD- Rex 05' Paint Gelding (rides and drives)

Big Stout Qtr Draft Gelding.  He has size to pack any size person,  he is gentle and broke to ride.  He's even broke to pull a sleigh or carriage.  Nice using horse, great disposition, and Honest.  No buck or spook,  does great in line or will ride off on his own.  Great horse for the mountain, for hunting, or for using.  Stands about 15.2-3 hands tall.  Rex is consigned to the Billings Sale in March.  CLICK ON PHOTO TO WATCH VIDEO OF REX

SOLD- Mike and Ike- Crossbred Team

Click Photo to watch Video.  Here are two easy going, easy to handle, easy to ride and easy to drive geldings. These two have been used almost daily offering sleigh rides, carriage rides, trail rides, and getting packed into hunting camp for the past 4 yrs. for us. There are no games with these two- Anyone can drive these two, they've done parades, they get driven by Sparky our 75 yr. old Teamster. He only drives the good "ones", he doesn't put up with any nonsense. They stand about 15.3 hands tall and weigh around 1300. We hate to see them go but like our other team, we just won't need them anymore. They have many many more years left in them. They are easy to saddle, harness, shoe, load and haul. Quick Story- We actually bought them before they were broke to drive from an older couple that just trail rode with them. We trained them to drive, they were the easiest team we have ever trained. Guaranteed Sound.

SOLD- Double Stuff and Oreo

Click Photo to watch video.  These two big guys are the "BEST" pulling team we have ever had in our operation. They have spent 5 years with us giving countless sleigh rides, wagon rides, used for feeding and parades. These two pull even, they will pull hard and will not quit you. They are a perfect match and full brothers. You don't have to be a "Teamster" to drive these guys. They've always been sound and will hold up day in and day out. The only reason they are for sale is because I leased out my Horse Drawn Business and he didn't need any teams. I don't want to see them not used, they are too good not to be doing something. They are classy looking, people love them everywhere we go. Easy to shoe, harness, and hitch. We will miss these two but want to see them do what they do best besides eating hay. Guaranteed Sound.

SOLD- Chief- 04' Bally Faced Paint Gelding

Chief is a big stout bally faced gelding that is a nice ride and GENTLE.  He is the type of horse that won't quit you but is not full of it.  He's one that will do whatever you want whenever you want.  He is stout made, can pack any size person and will take care of whoever climbs up on his back.  Real nice using horse for the ranch, trail, hunting, or whatever your fancy. Consigned to the Billings Horse Sale. 

SOLD- Chaco- 05' Black Gelding

Chaco is a nice moving gelding that has stop, turn, and handle.  He is a fun horse to ride.  Very willing, rides alone or with the crowd,  he goes anywhere.  He rides good in the arena and moves around like a horse should.  Nice made 14.3 hand stout made gelding.  Good horse for most anyone.  Classy made gelding that is black. Going to the Billings Horse Sale. 

SOLD- PD Blue Rip Ripped- 06' Black AQHA Gelding

Big Ike is a Big Stout Gelding with all the shape and look you would ever want in a horse.  This pretty boy is broke, gentle, and will take care of whoever gets on him.  He's real honest and a great all around horse, worked on the ranch, used to sort, and rides anywhere on the mountain.  Stands at about 15.3 hands.  Has all the potential in the world- He's packed kids, elk, and will always be in style with his coal black coloring. 

SOLD- Casper- 05' Grade Gray Gelding

Casper is a easy going stout made gelding.  He is gentle, most anyone can ride,  will head up the trail without any fight.  Saddle him up on a cold morning and you don't have to worry about any kind of fight.  He will stay broke,  he's sound, and he rides around correct.  Stands about 15 hands and built to last.  Nice looking gelding that will let you enjoy a trail ride or whatever you want to do with him. 

SOLD- Romeo- 04' AQHA Blue Roan Gelding

Romeo will fix any blues you may have riding a horse.  He came off a cattle ranch in Idaho.  He's been used for all aspects of ranch work.  He's been rode day in and day out and will hold up to any amount of use.  He's real gentle, the kind you want to put your mother on.  He has no spook and will go where you need.  Stands about 14.3 hands and has that pretty blue roan coloring to him. 

SOLD- Dew 00' APHA Gelding

Here is one of the most gentle safe horses you will find.  He rides around like a champ,  been used as a lesson horse.  He's gentle and safe, rides around inside the arena or out on the mountain.  Great all around horse perfect for kids to ride and big enough to pack Dad up the mountain.  He is perfect for the whole family. Call for Pricing.

SOLD Brownie- 05' Brown Gelding

Date: 10/17/2012

Click photo to watch video of Brownie

SOLD Dually- 05' Chocolate Palamino

This flashy made dude is built like a dually truck, thus his name.  He is built to last,  has a great mind,  is willing, and will handle good for whoever rides him.  If you want a big good looking gelding that will make you look real good this guy is it.  He stands about 15.1 hands and solid.  He will cross water, deadfall, rocks, rides off alone or rides well with others.  He is an easy keep, easy to shoe, and haul.  Click on Photo to watch Video.

SOLD- Dun Dry O Lena- 01' AQHA Red Dun Gelding

Dunny is a great 10 yr old red dun gelding.  He is broke and gentle for most anyone to ride.  He has working cow horse all over his papers with Dry Doc on top and Doc Olena on bottom.  He is stout made and will work for you wherever you are.  He is great on the mountain, around the ranch, will push cows, has been roped on and rides around real nice.  He lopes off to a kiss and has the nicest rocking chair lope you can find.  Travels out and has a nice jog trot if you need to cover some ground.  Real Nice horse you will like.  Stands about 15.1 hands and is a very nice made horse.   Click on Photo to watch video

SOLD- Chiily Peaks Zephyr- 00' Grulla Roan Gelding

Date: 10/17/2012

Click on Photo to watch Video of Chilly.  This has been my go to horse for the mountains for the past few years and I have decided to let him go.  Great horse that does not spook, is willing every day,  will saddle up the same everyday,  no hump or buck even on the coldest mornings.  Nice traveling horse,  nice handle, and a smooth ride.  You can ride him as little or often as you like and he will take care of you.  Stout made, Very Unique coloring, and stands roughly 15.1 hands tall.  Very nice gelding with many years left to ride.  He is registered with APHA.

SOLD- Latigo- 04' Palamino Gelding

Date: 10/16/2012

 Click on Photo to watch video.  Here is a big stout made gelding that has color and looks.  He's gentle, safe, and sane.  You don't have to be a cowboy to ride this horse.  He will cross water, cross logs, and go wherever you want.  He has been hunted on, many trail rides, you can shoot off him and put a slicker on.  He has no spook in him.  This big pretty gelding will handle any size person, job, and is a great mountain, trail, ranch, or could even make a head horse if you want.  Nice stand up kind of gelding.

SOLD- All Dun Zippen- 07 AQHA Gelding

Date: 10/17/2012

Click on Photo to watch video of him.  Here is a real cute red dun gelding.  He rides correct, easy lope, nice stop, and moves around like a horse is supposed to.  He goes anywhere on the mountain, no spook, you can flag off him, shoot a gun off him, or ride him in the arena.  He stands roughly 15 hands and has some real ability in him.  Nice horse that is coming into his prime and wants to make someone a happy horse owner.

SOLD- Sackett (click on photo to watch video)

Here is one of the prettiest geldings we have owned.  He is fancy made, very balanced, and loaded with talent.  Sackett has a very unique color to him- chrome, lined back, and buckskin to boot.  He rides around real nice,  he is cowy, and would make you look good riding him.  He has lots of potential and is ready for someone to take and make him the horse they want.  He is built and athletic enough to go any direction.  We like riding Sackett, he is smooth and willing to do what you ask.  If you want a gelding that will get you noticed here he is.  Current on Coggins and Health. 

SOLD- B A- 6 yr AQHA Buckskin Gelding

Date: 8/25/2011

This horse has everything going for him.   Great Pedigree for a using horse with Two Eyed Jack and Bueno Chex on his papers.  He is a knock out to look at,  dark smutty buckskin look with a great mane and tail.  He has the gentle easy way about like most Two Eyed Jack horse have.  Put together right, very easy on the eye.  He has brains and will excel at whatever level you want.  He has pushed cows, been hunted on,  been ridden a bunch at our place.  If you want something that will get you notice here is your guy. This is the horse you want your whole herd to be like. 

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